Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tennessee Family Vacation (A week of Firsts)

Every year we travel to Waverly, TN to visit Pat's family. This year was Kyle's very first time to TN, and he loved every minute of it. I was a little worried about traveling that far with Kyle, but he did real well. Of course it took a couple of rest areas to get the whole thing down we did great. We left on Saturday and traveled to Louisville, KY where we stopped and spent the night a a Hyatt (of course). Saturday night we went down to 4th Street Live where they have all the night life. We took Kyle to his first Hard Rock. We did not eat there, but did buy him his first Hard Rock T-shirt. We ate at a place called Red Star Tavern outside on the patio. Kyle was able to sit in the high chair for the first time and of course thought it was a wonderful experience! He procede to bang on the table, laugh and yell. After dinner we walked around down town and just took in all the sights. We had a great night sleep and started on our way to TN Sunday morning. Kyle did well again for this leg of the trip. We arrived at our destination around 3pm. Waverly is appox. 70 miles west of Nashville. We had a great relaxing week of fun and lots of food. Kyle had his first bath on the porch in a dish pan..LOL Kyle also went swimming for the very first time and he loved it so much. He was kicking and laughing.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

8 Months

Kyle is 8 months old and raring to go! He is getting around like a champ. He is not yet crawling but sure finds ways to get from point A to B. He has opened his first cupboard of course under my watch. I have started to baby proof but can already tell that I will be needing to go over things by crawling around. He sits up and plays really well and loves to travel around in his walker. He really loves to bang his toys on other toys and make tremendous amounts of noise. Our new thing is talking. We started about two weeks ago with "ba ba ba" that turned in "Bob" and into "da da da". Now he talks and just random sounds and words come out. He will be a talker that is for sure, because he can go on for hours. Kyle is enjoying the end of summer and really still loves to go on walks and swing at the park. We are enjoying everything we can because my little baby is now turning into a big boy. :-)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summertime 2009

Summer has been great so far.. Kyle is getting more and more animated every day. He seems to be getting so big fast, but yet everyone warned me that would happen. We do not go back to the doctor until Sept. for his 9 month appointment. I know that he has grown a couple of inches and gained a couple of pounds for sure. We have graduated to stage 2 foods and still have not found one we do not like. I myself am surprised at all the different baby foods that are out there. We have even started to buy some stage threes because 8 months is coming up quick and I want to be prepared. During the summer I can and garden so I am pretty excited to get to the farm market and make some fresh veggie varieties for Kyle.

Last week my nephew, and Kyle's cousin Brody turned ONE! Happy Birthday Brody! We had lots of fun at his birthday party. There was a bubble machine and lots of toys to play with. Kyle was able to swing for the first time in a baby swing and he absolutely loved it. Brody had a Nemo themed party that my sister did a wonderful job on.

We are headed to Tennessee on vacation and this will be our first road trip with Kyle. Pat's mom has not seen Kyle since March so she has a big boy surprise when we get there. We will be stopping and staying in Louisville to break up the trip. Pat and I have done this now the last few years that we have gone down to visit, and it works out great. This year we are excited to go to the Slugger Museum and get Kyle his first engraved bat! We will post all about the vacation once we get back. This vacation will be primarily for resting and relaxing. This will also be Kyle's first swimming pool experience, we have the new baby float and plenty of sunscreen packed up and ready to go.

Below I posted the video of Kyle in the baby swing. My new mission to find all parks with baby swings!