Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Second Time Around

We get pretty excited around our house for Halloween. We usually add a bunch of fun blood and gore to our front lawn. We used to celebrate with other adults and pass out candy. These Halloweens are different. Fun... but different. Now that Kyle is here it is extra fun to carve pumpkins visit apple orchards and do everything that you are supposed to do when you are a kid during Halloween. This Halloween was a little different. Kyle was a little more into it this year he liked his tiger costume and loved trick-or-treating. Brody (Kyle's cousin) was able to spend Halloween with us this year. We went trick-or-treating at the mall. We were also able to go to the park and decorate pumpkins and take a hay ride. On Halloween we actually went through the neighborhoods trick-or-treating! Super fun..

Monday, October 11, 2010

Football Rivalry

When the leaves turn colors and it starts to get a little cooler out that is when it is time for some FOOTBALL. Now in our house we typically are not die hard fans about any particular sport. We do not religiously watch Sunday Football games or Monday night football, but everybody loves a little competition. Pat and I have always watched the one game a year when Michigan plays Michigan State. Pat favors Michigan and I am a State fan! This has been this way since day one and probably will be this way until our kids go to college. This day always is ugly with the verbal beat downs but its all for the love of the game and our state. Now that Kyle is involved we have decided that he will not be able to wear one team or the other but a little of both... so this year here is his football fan photo. .. Love IT!