Monday, January 5, 2009

Being a Mommy

I want to take a minute to let everyone know how much I love being a mommy. I have always heard of how wonderful it is to be a mom. Now that I am one I understand what everyone was talking about. It is amazing! The phrase that I have heard over and over "you do not realize how you can love something so much", is so very true. Kids are very special, and in my case he has seemed to make life all so different. I love to wake up and see him every day. I make sure that we make every minute count. I know that it has not been very long but I know that this is really a wonderful thing. His little smile makes me laugh and his little tears almost make me cry. I know that he will turn into a big kid one day, but I have heard that this feeling does not go away. I am definately looking forward to many years of being a mommy! :-)


nursegirl76 said...

Aww, such a beautiful description. You are right, there is nothing in the world like the love you feel for your child, and it gets stronger every day. You and Pat are going to be great parents to Kyle and all of his future siblings. You were meant to do this!

cloakedbook said...

You really have to lov the down and dirty of being a Mom, no job so tough, or so wonderful...I love my kiddlywinks...but don't blink...that baby will be runnung circles around you sooner than you think...that one is true too! LOL!