Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Time

Spring is in the Air! That means new flowers, aromatic smells, and lots of sunshine. Already this spring Kyle and I have been on a few walks, sat in the thick green grass and have done hours of rocking on the porch. I love spring and I have plenty of plans for Kyle and I this spring since it is his first. Amongst those plans I have decided that it is time to do some "spring cleaning". I am preparing for a garage sale. It will be 6 years that we have been in our house this Aug. and it is definately time to get rid of some stuff. I am excited to get some room back in our house!
It is also time to plan the annual garden. In a week or two my friends and I will venture to the nursery's to buy our garden plants. The garden is ready and just needs to be tilled. I am excited for when Kyle will be able to help mommy plant and take care of the garden. I remember doing this when I was younger with my grandparents and I know that Kyle will enjoy it too! :-)

*(Photo by Leticia Horray/Natural Reflections)

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