Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time for Serious Play

We are well on our way to the six month mark... boy how time flies! Kyle is doing so many things and fast. In the past couple of weeks we think everything is funny, we roll over in our sleep and like to sleep on our tummy, and we absolutely love to grab noses and hair! We love to talk and talk and talk. Kyle is also really involved in play time. Almost every night we read and he loves to turn the pages... I am not too sure he understands what the story is about but he loves to listen. We love to play with our Fisher Price song toy (I have included a video of floor time right after a bath time) and other random toys we love to put in our mouth now! Come on teeth...:-) He starts to wave and do high 5 but his true love is his bouncer now! Take note on how interactive Kyle is with this toy... he love to bat things around with is left arm! Does this mean we are left handed? Time will only tell.....

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