Thursday, July 9, 2009

7 Months Old

Kyle is 7 months and growing like a weed. We love eating! We are trying all kinds of new foods and loving it. We also are a huge fan of water in a sippy cup. This little boy has tons of personality, and loves to show it. He laughs out loud at most things. He is super ticklish! I mean all over too. His neck belly and sides are the worst and his feet can be depending on the time. We are not crawling yet but we can roll and scoot like crazy. It should not be very long now. He loves to play on the blanket with his stacker toys and blocks. We love to investigate all objects and put them right into our mouth.
We are sitting pretty good, but still a little wobbley. Kyle's favorite thing by far is his bouncer. We love to move the parts so the animals will make sounds and we love to jump up and down in it. He can swivel himself at 360 degrees so that he can play with all the toys. Some other things that we are really into right now are walks in the parks, reading books, and petting the dog ( or should I say grabbing hair).

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