Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our First Trip to the Zoo

Pat & I decided that it was time for a trip to the Zoo. Kyle is now a little older and really might start getting into the animals and the scenery that a Zoo has to offer. Since I myself have not been to the Zoo since I was a child I was not sure which Zoo we should take him two. We have two that are about the same distance from us. The Detroit Zoo which is located in Royal Oak and the one we decided on for our first visit. We also have the Toledo Zoo which is in Toldeo, OH. We figure that we will probably be visiting the Zoo more so we can go to that one later. The day was great! We were able to make it through most all the exhibits. The only one that we did not get to see any animals at was the Polar Bears. We figured that it was too hot for them, but I am sure that we will be able to catch them in the future. I was very impressed by the Zoo. Very clean and alot of fun things for children of all ages to do. We will definately be goin back in the future!

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