Friday, April 1, 2011

New stuff about Kyle Ryan...the Big Brother!

Now that Kyle is two he is at a great stage that he seems to be learning every day. He has a new word that he loves to use every day. For example yesterday was spoon. He is saying full phrases almost sentences and I am in awe that he can just pick up on things so fast. Other milestones for Kyle are he can count to 12 and can pick out most of the letters when he is shown the alpahbet. He has re-discovered that he LOVES to be outside. Our neighborhood makes this a hard thing. We live on a Cul-de-Sac and have a ton of children on our block. We also have on our street a grade school with a couple of playscapes and a ton of swings. We try to get outside as much as possible but since our LONG winter seems to still not be over it's been hard. He loves to watch outside when all the older kids are playing and he always is talking to them. His new thing is to grab his coat and put it on and tell me "outside"... It breaks my heart when he cannot go! Oh it will be a long few years... but still very convenient that we do not have to go very far for him to play! :-) The biggest question I get asked these days is "How does he like being a big brother?" I love this question because I really think that he likes it. We often talk about the baby and he is constantly checking on her. Every now and then he wants to hold her and I know he secretly cannot wait till the day that they can actually play together. Last night he wanted to hold her while he rode down the hall on his push bike.. Oh boy.. I cannot wait! :-) Kyle has take the transition well in my opinion and I personally think that Kyle IS a great big brother!

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