Monday, March 2, 2009

Back To Work

The day has come.... Three months of course flew by, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Kyle and I bonded and had a ton of fun. We used the time to visit with family and friends and could not have asked for a better time off. I was worried that it would be awful to return to work and not be home during the day with Kyle. I think that me making it seem like it would be awful, made it better. It has been a week and everything went well. My dad came and helped us out in between the time Pat and I had to be at work. He still got to do tummy time and bumbo time, and of course ate to his little hearts content...
I upon my return had a great week. Everyone was very excited for me to be back, and yes it was nice to see everyone again. It would be great if I could stay at home with Kyle, but with today's economy and the shaky job market its just not the time to be a one income family. I have come to the realization that I can be just as good of a mom with a full time job. Its the quality of parenting and not the quantity in my opinion! :-) I definately make sure that we spend just as much time doing all the things we used to do and now weekends mean a whole lot more. :-)

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