Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kyle's Funny Faces

All kids have great smiles! Kyle seems to find humor in a lot and especially when we sing to him. Recently it is not just a smile or giggle but a belly laugh, and it is the cutest thing you have ever heard. (I of course am partial because it's Kyle! :-)) We cannot figure out if he really likes the songs or he is laughing at how bad we sing...:-) I have really realized that Kyle has some of the funniest smiles and laughes. He seemed from the very beginning to be a happy baby, and catches humor in everything that people do. The best is to see that bright smile first thing in the morning! If you tell Kyle that he is being silly or funny he will laugh at you. A childs smile can truly be a warming in your heart. :-)

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debbie said...

Hi Leslie,
I love your site, hope you don't mind but your Mom gave me the link, he is sooo cute, great work Mommy!!