Friday, December 26, 2008

O' Holy Night

Christmas was extra special this year with the two new babies in our family. As most of you know my sister had a baby at the end of July and his name is Brody. Brody and Kyle had there first Christmas together as cousins. We visited with their great Grandma Freeman and then spent Christmas Eve night with Gramma Huth. We had snacks, a nice dinner and hung out in our pajamas. Normally our family gets together for Christmas eve, but with all the little ones that were born so close to Christmas this year we did not have it. Hopefully next year we can all get together again.
Christmas day we spent with Pat's family. Traditionally Pat's mom is in Michigan for Christmas, but this year she came around New Years. She was able to meet Kyle and we were still able to celebrate the holidays together. Overall it was definately a wonderful occasion and one to remember. Since Kyle was born 2 weeks before I had a few themed outfits that he was able to wear at Christmas. I made sure that over the corse of two days he was able to wear them all.

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